A wireless keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that uses wireless technology, such as Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF), to connect to a computer or other device. This allows the user to type from a distance without being physically connected to the device. Wireless keyboards typically come with a USB receiver that plugs into the computer, which receives the signals from the keyboard and sends them to the computer. These keyboards are convenient and provide more freedom of movement compared to wired keyboards. They are commonly used with laptops, tablets, and smart TVs.

Sitting in front of your computer can be a pretty stressful task. Cleaning up cables and clutter from your desk can be a huge relief. Rather than throwing everything down on the floor or piling them on top of your desk, use this compact wireless keyboard to create extra room for your mouse movements. It’s perfect for gamers who need space to make their best moves, or for anyone who needs more room to work.