­­Best Coffee Makers, Since the demand for coffee has increased in recent years, so has its supply. A significant number of coffee makers have surfaced to meet this demand. But the search for the best quality coffee maker becomes equally tricky. Hence, to cover demand without charging a hefty amount to consumers, one can look for cheap coffee makers.

So, to get hands-on, the best coffee makers required a great deal of research time which usually turns out to be a hectic job. With many options available on the market and online, it becomes challenging to ask to go for the best coffee maker under $100 who must also be cheap.

Indeed, there are diversified coffee-making machines, but choosing the one best suits your needs is a much-needed task. And one of the top filters when selecting from top coffee makers is budget.

Once you have decided your budget and quantity next, you must determine what smart appliances you need. Like some machines, some offer multiple built-in options. For instance, how many cups it can brew in a single click. Similarly, coffee machines have options like serving iced coffee and classic coffee. So it is essential to decide upon desired options a coffee machine must have in it.

Keeping in mind all the above and making your life easier in choosing the right coffee appliance for your table, we compile a list of the best coffee makers. And our list is not only limited to budgetary filters. Still, it supports you in picking the best single-cup coffee maker or the best drip coffee maker under 100 and the overall best coffee maker. We have compiled this list by keeping in mind several features, including but not limited to price, serving capacity, durability, functionality, usage type, coffee brewing types, and likewise a few others.

#1    Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Best coffe maker under 0

       Best coffee maker under $100

The first on the list is an appliance with multiple options having to offer. As the name suggests, this is a multi-cup coffee-making machine. If you are a small group of people, this is perfect for your needs as it can mix a maximum of 12 cups of coffee simultaneously. But, if you are part of a group of more than 12 people, this should not be on your shopping list.

This is a very attractive, stylish, and modern designed coffee maker. The Shiny black color will attract your kitchens both at home and in offices alike. Outer is made of plastic, while the coffee jar is glass and lightweight compared to other models of this line. As far as price is concerned, it is one of the best coffee makers under $100. So if you are limited on budget, you can opt for this one.

In addition to being price effective, this also consumes less electricity. Therefore not only is the one-time cost on the lower side, but it also is operationally cost-effective. You better be on it if you are love saving cents.

So now, if we turn our attention towards its other significant features, brewing is one of the primary functions any coffee machine can offer. If any standard part is required while plotting the top 5 coffee makers, brewing has been one of the functions to feature in all of them. One is for sure for this machine as it offers complete control of brewing. It comes with a single push on the brewing option. Just push it on, and brewing is on its way. What other functions make its brewing more controllable is its built-in function of pause and pour.

Reasons to Buy

  • Automatic drip
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto pause function

Reasons to Avoid

Lack automatic shut-down feature

#2 Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker





Contrary to our first listed coffee maker, this is a single-serving machine. Although it has a brewing capacity of 3 to 4 cups, you can pour out one. This makes it suitable if you live alone or with four others. Likewise, if you are a frequent traveler, you will be a perfect travel partner. As it is lightweight and easy to pack, you would love to have it beside you at all times. It can hold a travel mug. Although it cannot be termed a cheap coffee maker under $100, if you are searching for one long-time coffee partner, look further beyond this black beauty of a machine.

Its compact size makes it a perfect set if you are short of space. It will not occupy much of your area and can even be placed on a working table. In addition to being compact, it can hold four cups of water. It has an easy-to-operate panel with body-scaled buttons.

You have the independence of getting it in three different colors. It has a fast machine that brews coffee in no time. It may appear costly in the first instance. Still, its excellent features and functions are a good purchase if you have to get one meeting your tight space and travel challenges. It indeed is good value for money, as you can enjoy perfectly brewed hot coffee.

In addition to the positives mentioned above, it is sleek in design and comes in a plastic body. With excellent water heating time and brewing, it maist the best small coffee maker into our listener. Terming it, a small machine may take away a bit of credit from this machine, but we have to go with this description for this skeptic-designed coffee maker.

Since it is available in different colors, we will, like always, recommend a white-colored machine. White color, on the contrary, is difficult to clean out, and blue color may feel odd on your countertop. Brewing has an optional coffee filter facility as well. But these filters are not part of the box which comes with this appliance; however, they can be bought separately from the same manufacturer. This model is energy efficient to go with size efficiency and can hold up to 46 ounces of water in its multi-storage capacity.

Reasons to Buy

  • Slim design
  • Single-cup serving
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Irregularly shaped water container

#3 Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker


Unlike the first two recommendations, this model is quite different in its approach. The difference comes between its shape and its mode of offering coffee. Previous machines were either rectangular or square shapes; however, this one is circular, which gives a new look to coffee-making machines. Not only does it bring a new look to tables if you are choosy in keeping tabs on your kitchen’s color theme, but this product also offers five different colors of forks which surely does add value to the outlook of this machine?

Besides being different in make and shape, it also can be used as a coffee server. Meaning, you can have it with you all the time and enjoy the perfect coffee each time. Thus if you need to serve your guests, you won’t be needing to take an extra mug for offering coffee as this machine can serve both purposes at the very same time, saving time and effort.

Talking of its bowl capacity, it can handle a maximum of 8 cups at a time. With its manual pouring system, you have complete control over having the correct quantity of coffee in your cup. As it comes with a stainless steel filter, paper filters are no longer required with this model. If you are environment conscious, you must go for this model as you will not need to replace paper filters now and then.

Brewing takes about a full of four minutes to get the coffee ready. The size of such a model is not inadequate, considering its capacity. It also offers handling options, including cork and silicon band options while pouring coffee. It is easy to clean, and a swirl of warm water is sufficient to get it ready for the next batch of brewing. It can easily be part of the best coffee maker under $100.

Another vital functionality includes that it is durable and bears a heat resistant functionality which usually is not the case with other appliances of the same price. Its paperless filter supports brewing and getting naturally perfect coffee. With a round shape, you can enjoy a full view of the overall quantities of material put into the jar. Besides being an older version of coffee-making appliances, this machine sets new trends. So, if you want to surprise yourself with an antique-shaped coffee vending, this one must easily fit your desire.


Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Price effective
  • Sleek modern design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Filter is flimsy

#4 Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker


A coffee machine with a lot on offer for its users is a perfect fit if you are a group of a dozen people. Since the coffee maker can pour down 14 hotter cups simultaneously, this machine will be on your shopping list if you are working in an office or expecting a few guests. As we have looked through small to medium coffee makers in our earlier views, the machine currently under discussion is the most sophisticated one. With a lot on offer from the coffee maker, we can easily choose.

First, a regular rectangular-shaped machine comes in a gold-tone filter and charcoal black water filter; let us first look at the outer. If you are looking for a more familiar and traditional-shaped coffee maker, you will find this model intriguing. Its unvarying shape and size make it a good fit for your tables. However, this may not be a good product if you are looking for a travel partner. With its size and shape, it can only add a fresh look to your kitchen but not to your travel pack.

Turning heads to its brewing capacity, 14 cups of coffee meshes while making a good choice for a medium-sized group of people. On offer is a perfect brew, with a pause option; it means you can stop and treat yourself with a cup of coffee at any moment after brewing has started. However, this feature is available in a few other machines, with a large quantity on offer. With its advanced heating technology, you are treated with a strongly brewed hot cup of coffee.

Another notable objective of this product is that it comes with a gold-tone filter, which is reusable and lasts for an extended time than paper filters. A stainless steel-coated handle gives an excellent grip on the container. Thus, even if the pot is filled, you can quickly pour coffee into your cups.

The easy-to-use and user-friendly control panel gives you control over brewing and keeping water temperature in check. The push-button one-start feature launches it in a flash and gets auto-off when not used. Therefore, making it an energy-efficient product, you may find it challenging to fill a few machines accurately, but that is not an issue with this model. A see-through glass gives a clear view of what is in hand.

Reasons to Buy

  • Backlit LCD
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Stainless steel caffeine

Reasons to Avoid

  • Dull design

#5 Hamilton Beach 49974 Flex Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

A compact personal coffee maker is ideal for frequent travelers. If you are looking for a single-cup coffee maker, this will indeed be the one for you. It has to be the best single cup coffee maker on our list as it competes with the best coffee machines since it can handle both single-cup servings and is used as ground coffee. It is ideal for using a coffee mug or a travel mug. It can easily fit in your bag with a sleek and slim design without covering a lot of space. So if you are found not carrying around the burden of stuff, this coffee maker will check your box. Focusing on single-serve makes a perfect gift for students, small kitchens, offices, and a person who always opts for fresh coffee.

Since this is a very easy-to-use model, there are a few buttons to push before brewing starts. You need to lower the lid and press the start button. Brewing, on average, takes three minutes to complete on this model of the coffee maker. With the easy filling water reservoir and the ability to check the water level, you need not worry about overfilling. Different parts of these machines are easily detachable, enabling users an easy clean—a multi-compatible design of handling both ground and pods types of coffee. Flex-brew single-serve serves coffee enthusiasts who love to have a fresh cup of brewed coffee each time they need one.

We will not want to add, but it seems odd; if you are not in the mood for a strong coffee, pour hot water and make yourself a cup of tea instead. Well, this product can make into your kitchen as a backup to your primary coffee maker. Since it is lower in price and will not grab much of your space, you can purchase it even when you may not want it. Let us now look at the model’s key features under discussion and see how it is manufactured and marketed.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to clean
  • Compact in design
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to fill

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small cord

#6 Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker


Because our focus is on the best coffee maker under $100, we have discussed a few good models in the above lines. Since our previous models were traditional coffee-making machines, we would like to review and recommend an appliance suited for persons who enjoy cold coffee more than hot coffee. So if you are not a hot coffee guy, do not worry as we have got you covered by the recommendation of the best quality coffee maker. Before getting into details, let us let you know this is a unique kind of machine, which not only offers cold coffee but can serve you tea if needed. Hence, expecting a mixture of taste buds? This machine is going to help you well.

It may initially appear in an odd shape design if we look at its outer. However, we believe it is worth trying with a better combination of white and blue as it surely will provide a fresh and new look to your kitchen. Especially if you think and act like having out-of-the-box stuff, give it a try, then renew your kitchen table outlook.

A simple and easy operating system is just a single push on the button. Just add coffee grounds into the pitcher and the required amount of water. Push the button on, and brewing will start, which will take about 4 to 5 minutes to get completed. And yes, please do not forget to add ice if you opt for a cold cup of coffee. The machine is the best energy-efficient appliance on our list of recommendations. So, it will save you a few extra cents of money as well.

Initially, when this product was introduced, it had mixed reviews. But over time and with few adjustments by the manufacturer, this machine is now amongst highly recommended coffee makers under $100. Value additions like auto shut-off indicator, easy cleaning, two-in-one function, and fast brewing cycle make it a good buy if you are out in the market searching for an economic ice coffee maker. Believe this product is a perfect example of keeping things economical since it is economical in all functions, including price, energy, and servings.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to clean
  • Fast brewing
  • Auto-cleaning function
  • Removable brew basket

Reasons to Avoid

  • Do not make solid tea

#7 Mueller French Press Double Insulated 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker


Previously all recommended products were made of total plastic or combined with plastic and steel. However, we have this selected product by keeping in mind that buyers prefer an all-steel product. Not only does it is made of pure stainless steel, but it also is produced out of the best triple-layered steel. In addition to giving it long durability quality, it also makes it an easy to clean product.

Usually, stainless steel requires a mere drip of water, and off goes all stains. If you are parents with young kids running around in your compartment, we will thoroughly recommend you to go for this machine. And you know why with kids everywhere, there is always this chance of hit and run problem. So a product made out of steel will most definitely bear a fall from the kitchen top compared to a plastic body machine.

The machine’s exterior is very sleek and clean, so much so that it gives the impression it may fall out of your hands when held. But a non-heating handle and body provide an excellent grip while pouring down your perfect cup of coffee. At first, it appears to be a jug of steel. But never stay in doubt as this is your coffee-making machine capable of handling 34 ounces of water. Similarly, suppose we dissect this product and go into the interior. In that case, you will be astounded to find a fully polished, heat-insulated layer of steel. Thus, you can make a good fit for keeping coffee hotter for around an hour.

Double insulated steel and equipped with four-layer steel filters, you will get a perfectly cleaned out coffee with not a hint of coffee grounds in it. We know some people enjoy a tint of coffee grounds in their coffee, but you are not one of them, then you are reading about the perfect coffee maker. In addition to having a coffee maker, with your buy, you can have a free stainless steel coffee canister as well, which is pretty much a good addition, making it a complete set of best coffee makers under $100.

Are you thanking buying separate machines for coffee and tea? Please look at this machine, as it is equally capable of handling your needs. Having a French press enables it to process both forms of drinks for you. So, this feature makes it a perfect fit for any occasion, including small parties, family gatherings, birthdays, and even larger gatherings like weddings.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent blending power
  • Multiple serving capacity
  • Thick layers keep coffee hot for up to an hour
  • Easy French press

Reasons to Avoid

  • Stainless steel catches scratches

#8 Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

A beautifully crafted and designed machine with a large serving capacity of up to two cups can be made at a time. Suppose you opt for something economical that costs you under $100 and has a bigger storage capacity. In that case, you must look at this product before going elsewhere. We can term this product as semi-smart as it has few fully automated functions and a blend of human interfaces to serve you the best cup of coffee.

As we have mentioned earlier, the outer of this product is desirable; therefore, it will be an excellent addition to your table. The body of this product is made out of plastic and stainless steel. With its permanent filter, you can enjoy a cup of coffee as ever before. Coming up with adjustable warming plates, you can keep your coffee intact and warm for as long as 4 hours. Thus making it a machine with most hours of keeping coffee warm consisted of our complied list of cheap coffee makers under $100.

A programmable brewer provides the freedom to have a ready-to-take-in coffee as and when you wake up. Just set the timings and treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee when you wake up or come back home after a hectic day of work at the office. As it comes with a removable water reservoir, thus you need to worry about lifting the whole body of the machine while cleaning or shifting it to different places. And its hotter brewing technology serves a perfectly hot cup as if you had it from an expensive restaurant. Not only does it offer perfect brewing and control of the time of brewing, but it also has an auto shut-off option and a mid-pause option to give you more control over brewing.

We may be running short on words as there are several features in this machine that need to be set out before moving on to our following function. To cut the limited amount of space, the brewing on its device can also adjust to small or large batches without compromising on the quality of the drink. You can also serve yourself or your friends with a classic or rich type of coffee while making it out of this machine. Since you are provided with different options, thus making it a top-notch coffee maker presenting a hot, flavorful, and never bitter coffee.

Reasons to Buy

  • Programmable delay brewing
  • Permanent filter
  • Flavor straw
  • Ninja scoop with onboard storage

Reasons to Avoid

  • Shortage of parts
  • Large manufacturer logo on the machine

#9 Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We already have covered one cold coffee-making machine in our list. And it will not be the right choice to keep it just to one. So we are reviewing a second single-serve economical coffee brewing machine capable of serving cold coffee. A beautiful, refined, lined plastic body machine that can easily fit in your refrigerator door. Thus, it does not consume extra space and cents as it is one of the best quality coffee makers. It is perfect for students, working staff, or anyone living single on the consumption side. The size and dimensions make it easy to store and even carry it around if you like so.

Since it comes with BPA-free stuff, thus you can easily rely on it if you are diet conscious, which we guess most users are. Therefore, it offers you a cup of coffee and the advantage of being less acidic than traditional coffee machines. The coffee filter finely meshes coffee grounds, leaving almost nothing of basic settings. Similarly, a premium line of material used for manufacturing provides coffee lovers a sense of rich cold coffee and keeps them hydrated.

BPA-free derivation comes from a half a century old Japanese heritage, used to offer healthy drinks without compromising on taste. The product’s water bottle results from an innovative insulation process to give out sustainable iced coffee, fruit infusion, and cold brew pitchers. It is easy to operate; all you are required to do is choose the amount of ground coffee, put it in the reservoir, start brewing for as long as you want it to and then pour it down into your mug.

Add coffee, and there you have it, your perfect loving cold coffee. Few coffee brewers have this problem of slipping out of hand when pouring down coffee, but this product comes with a slip-resistant grip. Similarly, plastic body coffee machines usually start giving foul odor after some usage. Still, since this machine is made of BPA-free plastic, you can entirely rely on its odor-free promise.

Traditional hot brewing machines release undesired acids into coffee, but this machine can filter out any harmful acids. The coffee machine provides a perfectly healthy single-serve of hot or cold coffee as you desire.

Reasons to Buy

  • Airtight
  • Leakproof
  • Durable pitcher body
  • No-Slip grip

Reasons to Avoid

  • No fill line indication on the pitcher causes overflows.

#10 Primula Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker


Cold brewing is gaining popularity among coffee lovers as it is a flavor sensation for coffee enthusiasts. There are many reasons behind this increased popularity, the major being the health priorities. Usually, old traditional hot coffee carries acids that are not good for human health. In contrast, cold coffee brews and cleans out such unhealthy acids from coffee. Therefore a great of hot coffee drinkers have now reverted to cold coffee. It is an increasing demand for cold coffee brewers in the market.

Our next machine also focuses on this same demand line. It is selected based on the coffee maker under $100 and a health-conscious coffee consumer. The exterior of this product is sleek and simple in shape and is designed to fit into your fridge. A brilliant product for making coffee at home or the office is simple design and usage. In addition to brewing coffee, the appliance is equally skilled to deal with your infused beverages. So, making it a good value for money while choosing between the best coffee makers. Coming out of extra-tough borosilicate glass makes this machine a durable purchase. So if you are tired of buying coffee makers every six months, you must give this machine a chance to serve you.

Unlike modern intelligent coffee makers, this machine, besides being health-conscious, is easy to use. It is like one, two, three, and go. Add coffee ground, add water, keep it in your refrigerator overnight or at room temperature, as per your liking, pour it in a cup, add ice, and there you have it—a perfectly meshed and brewed cup of ice-cold coffee. Being dishwasher safe makes a cleanup swift and effortless