Gaming enthusiasts have always been looking for the best gaming headsets. Headsets are one of the essential accessories when it comes to gaming. Playing in a multiplayer scenario is a vital tool for communicating with your team members. Over the years, many manufacturers have tried their luck to satisfy this need. But still, it remains the question as to the best gaming headset. However, finding the most comfortable gaming headset, which is also not very expensive, is tricky. Many options for the best gaming headset under $100 confuse buyers as it becomes challenging to make a selection. The primary point of concern for buyers is quality and price. A cost-effective headset is the priority of each gamer.

Do not worry at all. We have compiled a list of the best PC gaming headset under 100. The article will introduce you to the best headsets available in the market. We have compiled this list based on our own experiences with multiple headsets. So it is not just an article but a self-tested and self-experienced memoir of the best $100 gaming headset. These low-budget headsets under the $100 price slab can easily suit your needs. The main features to consider before purchasing a headset are sound performance, material quality, durability, comfort, and connectivity.

Imagine having a headset capable of localizing low sounds like footsteps and that at a price of under $100. So without any further ado, let’s track down the best gaming headset under $100.

#1 BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

A gaming headset designed to support multi-platform compatibility.-One product fits all. Bangor G9000 efficiently works with Playstation 4, PC, PSP, iPad, Tablets, Andriod, Nintendo 3DS, and even your mobile phone. So far, a perfect headset is compatible almost with anything gaming techs have provided.

Another feature I found the most entertaining was its surrounding stereo subwoofer. Usually, a part found inexpensive headsets, but I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp sounds. The state-of-the-art 40mm magnetic neodymium driver makes it possible to create an ambiance of localizing sounds. The vivid sound clarity produces a visual experience and a shock feeling.

Not only did I find Bengoo G9000 producing clear in-game sounds but also transmitting voices between multiplayer. Noise-isolating microphone filters out background distorting noise, allowing me to communicate with my team members as if I was sitting next chair. The modern design makes it very attractive, with beautiful synchronized lights emitting when in use.

As I had to share it with my friends, I thought I might not fit their heads. But the flexible headband came in handy. Making it another positive factor for this headset. Usually, stiff and hard headbands cause itching during long gaming sessions. So having a flexible headset to fit any head size is an added advantage and one not to miss on.

The ability to mute it in a click and long fiber cable adds versatility and utility to Bengoo G9000. Especially if you have to roam around the room while playing a game, as I do, and I found it a perfect fit for my usage.


Adjustable headband


In-Line Controller

Skin-friendly earmuffs

Soft head beam pad


No warranty

Lack after-sale service

#2 Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset

Coming out of manufacturing facility producing the best $100 gaming headset. Razer BlackShark is as attractive as its name. I bought it in classic black as it made a perfect duo with my laptop. The design and portability were so profound that I enjoyed keeping it with me wherever I visited. The second version of the BlackShark string was modified with new additions compared to the previous model.

Razer not only provides design versatility but also introduces new industry-leading features. With almost every other manufacturer dealing with standard 7.1 surround sounds, BlackShark uses THX technology. With THX 7.1, I enjoyed every second of my gaming session as it produced a high-end audio performance. The 50mm audio jack divided into high medium lows offers complete control over sound immersion.

A built-in passive voice cancellation helped me keep my focus on the game. If you live in a noisy area, I will recommend testing BlackShark. As I experienced it in a room with a high background noise level, it proved handy in canceling unwanted noises during multiplayer games. So these is ear-friendly foamed and breathable ear cushions. Usually, cushions themselves start irritating ears, but I can safely say I enjoyed using BlackShark. I love playing over the weekends for endless times, so I always look for headsets with comfortable earpieces. And I was satisfied with its performance.

Like many other gaming friends, I prefer having a lightweight headset. BlackShark with 262g lightweight design engineered with the same form factor near weightless feel on our head. A super light experience with excellent sound quality is what I can say about it. I believe it is capable enough to compete against high-priced headsets; amazing to have such a headset in such a price range of $100.


Lightweight 1.20lbs

Comfortable oval ear cushions

High-end audio performance

Passive noise cancellation

USB Sound card


Extra drivers required to run

Limited compatibility

#3 HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

One of the biggest challenges e-gamers face is comfortability while they play. With headsets now shifting from an accessory to a necessity, it is vital to have one which can offer an itch-free experience. At times we even prefer comfort over sound. Especially if you like playing in longer sessions, the importance of having a comfortable headset increases ever so more. HyperX Cloud II is a headset designed to keep in the comfortability. Especially if you are an amateur, I would suggest you opt for a headset that is more comfortable in build. It will allow you to master your game.

You may find it somewhat apprehensive as I have only associated HyperX with comfort. But it is as effective in producing high-quality sound as any of its competitors. Significant 53mm drivers are capable of delivering high-quality audio. The 7.1 virtual sound system has been in usage for quite a while now and is considered one of the best sound-producing technologies. To no surprise, HyperX comes with the same 7.1 sound system. I used it for almost a year and enjoyed the crispness and precision of sounds. Similarly, the design of the ear cup is closed, which helps to filter passive noises.

At times I am a tough nut to crack, but I find it difficult to win games; in such times, each e-gamer goes violent. Usually, headsets are the ones to bear this violence. If you have a low-quality headset, I am sure you have to buy a new one after each lousy patch. I did not have to when I used HyperX as it is well-built of solid, durable aluminum built to withstand daily blows. A total value for each penny spend, thus making it one of the best headsets under 100.


Multiple connectivities

Detachable Mic

Comfy ear cushions

Easy Volume controls

Two years warranty


Surround USB Sound card facility not available

#4 Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

A piece of high-quality precision designing and comfort, when I was out on the market searching for a new headset, I bumped into Razer Kraken. My first impression of the product was it was sure going to cost me hefty dollars. The product was a head-turner, one of the most attractive headset pieces in the mall. However, when I enquired about the price, I was surprised to know this beauty would cost me almost nothing. Without a second thought, I have made the purchase.

As I had already tested and experienced Razer’s other headsets in the same price range, I expected Kraken to be a good buy. I was not let down, and my initial thought was proper as I was delighted with the result. Like its design, the second feature I can recall is the weight. Razer Kraken is lightweight giving, flexible and durable. A built-in analog volume control knob provides easy control while playing online games. I continuously used them for more than 8 hours. I found no bruises on head burns because of cooling gel-infused cushions, which help prevent overheating.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the 7.1 surround system always is a go-to feature. Ideally produces positional audio with custom-tuned 50mm drivers. I also had excellent experience communicating with my teams. Compared to older models, Kraken has an improved noise reduction function called cardioid mic. The retractable mics ensured me crystal clear shot calls. With a flexible earpiece, I could pull it out of the earpiece when not required and adjust it according to desired position and proximity. In-game sounds were so upright, giving a lifetime experience by creating sound realities as if I was part of the climactic explosions.




Cooling Gel-infused ear pads

Retractable microphone



Short mic

#5 Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB USB Gaming Headset

A gaming headset made to last for years; durability is one key feature that stands Razer Kraken headset above the rest. For e-gamers who do not like to make frequent purchases and love sticking to their stuff for a more extended period, Kraken is their item. Since it is made of aluminum and stainless steel material, it can withstand intense gaming sessions for years. Each gaming headset manufacturers look for a competitive edge; for Razer Kraken, durability is undoubtedly the critical deciding factor. So if you are living in an area where you cannot buy frequently and have to rely on a single headset, I would suggest it.

I always look for durability, and I still have this headset even after two years of usage. Its THX Spatial sound feature was developed to provide an outstanding audio experience. I experienced it producing positionally-accurate audio in a 360-degree sphere for added realism. The frequency response rate ranging from 20HZ – 20HZ is among the best sound quality in a budget price range. I enjoyed a cooler while using a Razer Kraken because of its dynamic color-changing ear pads. Such attributes usually keep users engaged with the product, making it possible to utilize the buy fully.

I could easily connect to my PC by a USB. A bendable and retractable mic captures sounds from the wearer-removing noises to excellent efficiency. Moreover, I also liked the audio controls on an ear cup. It also helped me control volumes without losing my focus from the game. The sound produced is so realistic that I rush to open my room’s door when knocked in the round. As it comes in two colors, green and black, you have the option to pick which one suits you; I had a black one as it matched my gaming PC.



Sleek design

Mute Button

Personalized gaming immersion


Limited compatibility

#6 Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset

Part of a rich legacy Turtle Beach Stealth second Gen is one of its kind. First-generation headsets were good, but Gen 2 are the best PC gaming headset under 100. Beautifully crafted design engulfed with straightforward controls and long-lasting battery makes them perfect for e-gaming lovers. The first wireless headset on our list so far. The primary concern for wireless headsets is battery timing; you are well covered here. Enjoy up to 15 hours of non-stop amplified audio in a single charge. Charging is easy to do with a USB-C style charging cable.

The best feature I enjoyed in the Turtle Beach headset was mic controlling. Meaning I was able to listen to my sound during multiplayer gaming, which helped me keep a note of my voice, helping me to avoid shouting. Very cool feature, and I did not see such a function in other headsets of the same price range. E-gamers who wear glasses always find it tough to find a headset that does not disturb their eyeglasses. So, playing video games and wearing eyeglasses can go hand-in-hand with Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2.

If we talk about sound quality, I am impressed with its performance. A 50mm refined ear cup and a superhuman sound setting helped me enjoy my gaming sessions. The clearer the communication, the greater the chances of winning the game, and I won many games while wearing a Turtle Beach headset. Wired headsets limits e-gamer movement, but I enjoy freedom. Further, it exhibits that the company has an attention to detail approach while producing headsets.

With Stealth 600 headset, I could walk around in my room while playing games, and I did not have to pause and remove my headset before going out. There is an effortless direction connection with no base station, wires, and adopter.


Easy mic monitoring

15 hours battery life

Glasses friendly

Easy access to the audio panel


Need an app for connectivity

#7 SteelSeries Arctis 5

It was among one of the best and most comfortable gaming headsets. I, too, had an enchanting experience using SteelSeries Arctis 5. When introduced, it hit the market, and everybody seemed to have used it one way or another. Designed for comfort level as elastic fabric perfectly contoured around my head and distributed weight in a way that eliminated pressure points. It was so comfortable that I could wear it while driving and not playing games. It becomes a challenge wearing headsets in summers when temperatures are high. Ears start sweating, producing itching and unbearable irritation. But Arctis 5 have an air-weave cushion that absorbs and dries sweat and help ears to remain calm and dry. A feature that I rate high when it comes to buying a headset.

The Arctic is well known for producing headsets that give a high-quality sound experience. And I cannot agree more as well. The soundscape was subtle, clear, and vibrant, giving me an advantage. Not only does it deliver in-game sounds, but it also is fully adept at canceling unwanted background noises. And not to mention the DTS surround sound, which generated a real-life sound experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

The beautiful RGB illumination produces an aura of emotions and an immersive gaming experience. Volume control is essential for e-gamers, and I was fond of Atctis 5 for its easy volume control feature. The inline USB chat mix dial balanced chat volumes and game audio freeing me from the hassle of checking my volumes every other minute. A multi-product connectivity makes it an ideal purchase if you have different avenues to explore with your headset. A long cable offers easy mobility, which is crucial if you are going through a challenging gaming situation. I rate it as a perfect gift for any gaming lover.




Long wire

Easy game and chat controls

Multi-product compatibility


Lacks after-sale service

#8 Pirate Gaming Headset with Microphone

With a charming and attractive headset with its versatile design and color combination, you will surely get your sight locked on it out shopping. As e-gaming intensity and sophistication have increased massively over past years, so have raised accessories style. Pacrate has introduced headsets that perfectly match high-end games to keep in line with trends. But not only do they limit their production to designs but also engineer headsets for producing high-quality results. I was pleased with the dazzling light effects which created such an immersive gaming experience. I can safely say that quality is coupled with modernity for the Pacrate gaming headset.

I quickly connected it to my PC, laptop, Xbox, PlayStation, and cell phone, making it perfect for multi-purpose usage. However, I had to install a few software that was not a big issue. The strong noise-canceling and sensitive microphone offered me an experience of crystal clear communication with my team as its mic is solid and long, which picks real-time voice and filters out ambient noises from the background. The high-quality 50mm magnetic driver offers high bass and a vivid sound field. I judged from which direction sounds were coming with responsive audio drivers, like enemy steps, fire, gun fires, and other such scenario sounds.

The design and functionality make it useful both for adults and kids. Usually, I keep my headsets locked up. Still, I was happy to share the Pacrate headset with my siblings as they, too, thoroughly enjoyed their experience. It was a pleasant note to know it comes with 12 months of customer support. I mean, what else can I wish for, although I do not have to contact them as it was a smooth ride for me. And how can I forget to mention its humanized design, made to comfort head and ears alike? It comes with an adjustable headband, thus making it another check for a good headset.


Cool light features

Multi-purpose usage


After-sale service

Multiple colors to choose from



Stiff mic

#9 Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset

A compact, lightweight, beautifully wireless designed headset makes it to the list of best gaming headsets under 100. I still easily remember Corsair headset’s neat and clean sounds set; it touched me. Even the smallest of the sounds from in-game were distinguishable. Each sound was separate from the other, as if I was there on the real battlefield. The premium custom-tuned 50mm high-density audio drivers delivered promised and desired results. I loved the headset and still have it in my collection. The Corsair headset has plush memory foam, designed to give ease and a cozy feel to both head and ears—constructed for enduring luxury through endless gaming sessions.

The Corsair VOID comes with aluminum yokes material, making it durable. I remember slamming it on the floor twice, only to find out it was perfect for my subsequent use. So do not mind ending up on the losing side, as your headset is capable of bearing your anger. The dynamic RGB light is another cool feature I liked about the Corsair. It produced customized lighting on each ear cup for a limitless array of colors and effects.

The on-ear volume and mute buttons helped me adjust volumes without getting distracted from the game. Similarly, the omnidirectional microphone picks up sounds from little pitches and tones and perfectly delivers across the line. The Corsair also came up with an audio equalizer and pre-tuned audio profiles, which helped me save time and effort while adjusting my sounds according to the game environment. Oh, and how can I forget to mention its long-range wireless connectivity? I tested connecting it from a 40feet range, and it made a staggering connection to my absolute surprise and happiness. The battery lasts for 16 hours, a symbol of superior quality material.



Long-range connectivity

Excellent battery life

Stunning sound

Comfortable foam ear pads


Not suited for PS4

#10 Mifanstech V-10 Gaming Headset

The last but surely not the least on our picks for the best gaming headset under $ 100 is the Mifanstech V-10 headset. A product coupled with almost features e-gaming enthusiasts look for in a headset. Its clear sounds, noise reduction, the super comfy and durable headset that is low in a budget cost, what else can we desire. It comes with an extra splitter making it possible to connect it to different devices as per our requirement, thus making it a multi-purpose headset equally compatible with other tech gaming boxes.

The best feature I enjoyed was its realistic 3D sound effect. The sounds seem to be coming from the outside world and not from the headphone. The high-precision 50mm driver makes it possible to deliver real-life sounds of air, birds, water streams, thunder, and little footsteps. I believe it is total value for money, as it provided me control over the mic capable of rotating at 360degrees. The precise audio control and cool LED lights were other notable features. The feather-light over-ear design of ear pads made my sessions so cozy that, at times, I forget the count of hours. Similarly, an easy volume controller allowed me to switch between games and music with a single click whenever I wanted to take a rest.

I was able to turn LED lights off at night times as I did not want my roommates getting disturbed. The bass and sound also surround not producing noise pollution and keeping gaming sounds just to the user’s ears. Also suspended headband is worth mentioning as I found it a comfortable and stable fit.




Value for money

Multi-purpose connectivity

360degree flexible mic


Sturdy design

Last Word

There you have it, a list based on our self-experienced the best headset 100. We have tried to narrow down your search, but let us further reduce our list by recommending two of the best headsets if you are still unsure.

First on our shortlisted list of headsets is the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset. The sleek design, color, multiple connectivities, high-quality immersed sound, durability, and retractable noise reduction make the Kraken headset outperforms other products in a similar price range.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 wireless gaming headset is our second pick. The long-lasting battery, comfortable design, lightweight, easy voice control panel, glasses-friendly, amplified audio, robust construction, and flip-to-mute mic makes it a gem of a headset.